Hongkongers can now access ChatGPT via new app called POE without the need for VPN or overseas mobile number


    3rd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) On 3rd March, 2023, the renowned ChatGPT artificial intelligence app has gained global recognition for its powerful functionalities. However, due to regional limitations, it was previously inaccessible to certain individuals in Hong Kong. Fortunately, a new program called “Poe,” launched by the App Store, now allows Hong Kong residents to experience the app without the need for a VPN or other similar means. With this program, users can register and use chatbots, such as Sage and Claude, using their Hong Kong mobile phone numbers.

    Recently updated with even more enhanced features, the app now offers Hong Kong users the chance to access the world’s most popular AI chat robot, ChatGPT, via their mobile devices without needing a VPN. This development is excellent news for Hong Kong netizens. Previously, in order to experience ChatGPT’s functionalities, Hong Kong residents had to connect to a foreign network using a VPN, as well as obtain an overseas phone number for authentication before registering on OpenAI’s website and utilizing ChatGPT’s capabilities.

    A few days ago, Hong Kong residents were finally given the opportunity to experience the power of this world-renowned artificial intelligence. On 2nd March, ChatGPT opened its API just to developers, expanding beyond its web version. Users in Hong Kong can now access ChatGPT as a question-and-answer tool via the mobile app “Poe.” This is evidenced by the new ChatGPT option visible in the user interface of the “Poe” app.

    “Poe” is a mobile application introduced by the foreign question-and-answer website Quora at the end of last year. This tool integrates several artificial intelligences, but until recently, ChatGPT was not an available option, with only Sage, Claude, and Dragonfly offered instead. Notably, the artificial intelligence used by Sage and Dragonfly is from the same American company OpenAI as ChatGPT. However, they are not the original ChatGPT.

    It is important to note that “Poe” is currently only supported on iOS, and Android users will have to wait for the time being to access the same program.

    Tthe launch of the “Poe” program has provided a solution for Hong Kong residents to access the powerful functionalities of ChatGPT without the need for a VPN or an overseas phone number. With the updated features and the expansion to mobile devices, ChatGPT is now easily accessible to everyone in Hong Kong.