Hong Kong’s internet sensation, Amy Sit Yeng-yi, releases new song dedicated to all fathers in the world

    Amy Sit

    7th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Amy Sit Yeng-yi, a Hong Kong-based internet personality, has been making headlines on social media for her ‘unique beauty’ and confident personality. Despite not conforming to the conventional beauty standards set by the beauty industry, the 38-year-old stood out from other contestants in the “Miss Asia Pageant 2021” Hong Kong, where she proudly flaunted her fair skin and body shape. Her confidence and determination in joining the pageant made her a popular figure on social media.

    Recently, Sit Yeng-yi released her debut single titled “One Plus One Equals to A Yi,” which has been gaining popularity in a short span of time. The music video of the song has already surpassed 730,000 views on YouTube within just 4 days of its release, outperforming many established artists. Her latest song is a tribute to fatherly love, and is titled “Papa, papa I Love You” in anticipation of Father’s Day.

    The recording process of the song was a challenge for Sit Yeng-yi, who had to sing in Putonghua for the first time. The recording process took over twice as long as her first song, as the production team debated whether to correct her unique Putonghua pronunciation or preserve her unique style. Eventually, they settled on a compromise and created a unique singing style just for her. The song was produced by Malaysian songwriter and director Monsterz and music producer Hanz.

    Sit Yeng-yi’s music debut has been met with positive responses from her fans, who appreciate her talent and unique style. She took to social media to express her gratitude, saying, “Thank you all for supporting ‘One Plus One,’ which has now been viewed by 1.7m people.”

    Sit Yeng-yi’s success story is an inspiration, proving that anyone can achieve their dreams with confidence and determination. Her debut single is a testament to her talent and passion for music, and we look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

    “Papa, papa I Love You
    The original team consists of Malaysian songwriter and director Monsterz and music producer Hanz. Sit flew to Malaysia with her agent Connie Lam to record and complete the MV shoot.