Hong Kong’s first adult actress, Erena So, responds to negative comments in live stream after debut video release


1st April 2023 – (Hong Kong) AV actress Erena So has become the first female from Hong Kong to make her debut in a Japanese adult movie. The film premiered to a large number of netizens, who eagerly waited in front of their computers at 11pm to witness the historic event. After Erena So’s debut work was released, she joyfully announced on her Instagram Story that her work had topped the sales charts on Amazon Japan in the AV category. She expressed gratitude for the support of her fans, and her figure in the film sparked discussion among netizens.

She joyfully announced on her Instagram Story that her work had topped the sales charts on Amazon Japan in the AV category.

Erena So, known for her spontaneous style, agreed to respond to various opinions live at midnight on 1st April. She was mentally prepared to be criticised by netizens, but the live broadcast overwhelmingly received support. So personally responded to the “facial cum-shot,” saying it was ‘reasonable’ to be able to work with adult actor Ken Shimizu, and every actor was very professional, even brushing their teeth beforehand.

In one scene, she pushed a male actor’s face away, and when asked if she regretted it, she said pushing him away was a natural reaction because there was a big gap between what they had discussed before shooting and what actually happened. When asked about the difference between filming with a male actor and being with her boyfriend, she said it was very different. The “sex” scenes in the movie lasted about 40-50 minutes, much longer than usual sex with a boyfriend.

She believes that male actors have a lot of techniques, but her boyfriend understands her and knows what she needs, “he won’t just do it for the sake of doing it.” When asked if she is worried about not finding a boyfriend, Erena said that she is worried but she can’t control it. She has aspirations for her career and “there are always trade-offs.” When a netizen asked about the hardness of male actors, Erena frankly stated that they are hard.

Some netizens questioned why she spoke so little Cantonese in the film. Erena explained that she was afraid of sounding unnatural and affecting the authenticity of the film. Regarding criticism about her body shape, she stated that she cannot achieve a very slim figure even though she exercises by jumping rope every day. She believes that it is important to maintain a balance in both physical and mental health.

Erena chose to become a Japanese AV actress because she wanted to break through as a woman and genuinely enjoys the process. When asked about maintaining her Cantonese language skills, she stated that it is up to the Japanese company to arrange and there may be a chance for a signing event in May. However, she firmly denied doing a signing and fan-hugging event and emphasised that she will not participate in any uncensored videos as it is illegal.

When asked about the possibility of getting plastic surgery, Erena stated that she has no personal plans to do so but will consider it if the Japanese company requests it. As for whether she has the support of her family, she mentioned that her parents have not responded to her career choice yet.

Live streaming session held by Erena So on her YouTube channel last night