Hong Kong’s financial chief signals economic optimism with apricot budget reveal


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) On the cusp of presenting Hong Kong’s latest Budget, Financial Secretary Paul Chan has opted for an apricot hue for the budget document, a deliberate choice symbolising a budding optimism for the city’s economic recovery and the sustained rebound of various sectors. Mr. Chan shared this vibrant detail on his blog ahead of the formal budget address set for Wednesday, 28th February.

The Financial Secretary’s selection of this particular colour for the document’s cover is emblematic of an anticipated positive shift in the economic climate. Mr. Chan articulated his belief that the city’s financial and commercial landscape is poised for a continuous upward trajectory after enduring the trials of a global pandemic.

Expressing his appreciation, Mr. Chan acknowledged the public’s contribution during the budget’s consultation phase. The engagement has provided pivotal insights, allowing the government to attune its fiscal strategy to the populace’s priorities effectively, even as it navigates the challenges of a lingering fiscal deficit.

Mr. Chan’s optimistic outlook is not without caution, as he noted the labyrinth of complexities that persist in the international sphere. Geopolitical tensions, fluctuating interest rates, and a tapestry of global uncertainties loom large over the horizon, potentially impacting the robustness of Hong Kong’s economic expansion.

Yet, the finance chief conveyed a steadfast confidence in Hong Kong’s unique economic stature and its integral part in the broader development narrative. This confidence is anchored in the robust growth of China’s mainland economy and the unwavering support from the national government.

With Wednesday’s budget announcement highly anticipated, Mr. Chan’s comments set a tone of cautious optimism. He emphasised the government’s commitment to converting emerging opportunities into tangible growth and prosperity for the region.