Hong Kong’s AI start-up Pantheon Lab completes latest seed funding round with support from New World Development

    Adrian Cheng, New World Development CEO

    22nd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong start-up, Pantheon Lab, has completed a new seed funding round that includes investment from Eureka Nova, an open innovation platform under New World Development. This is the first time that Pantheon Lab has received funding from a property developer.

    As part of the agreement, New World and Pantheon Lab have signed a partnership that involves the exploration of Generative Pre-training technology (GPT) to produce AI digital humans for different New World projects, expanding the development of PropTech. Pantheon Lab will use the investment to strengthen technology research and development, and explore the use of bespoke AI digital humans in various New World projects.

    Pantheon Lab specialises in AI digital humans that can communicate in real-time using generative AI technologies, such as hyper-realistic face synthesis, facial expression and gesture automation, and voice synthesis. The company has launched several products, including the AIDOL Studio platform, the AIVO.ai app, and the adsly.ai social media ad generator, and has collaborated with numerous brands.