Hong Konger needs to work for 10.8 days to buy the latest iPhone Pro 64GB


11th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kongers need to save an average of 10.8 days to buy the new iPhone 11 Pro 64GB model, according to the latest analysis by Picodi.

iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) in Hong Kong will cost HK$8599 and it’s available for pre-order from 13th September. According to Census and Statistics Department, the average gross salary in this city is HK$16928 (HK$16730 net), a local Hong Konger would have to work for 10.8 days to afford this latest iPhone Pro (not counting living expenses). That is 0.7 of a day less than the previous year.

In the lead of the rank are the Swiss, Americans and Luxembourgers, where the ratio of the iPhone’s price to the average salary is the most attractive. A statistical Swiss should be able to save up for iPhone 11 Pro in 4.8 days, an American – in 5.8 days, and a Luxembourger – in 6.7 days.

The reverse record belongs to Mexicans: a statistical resident of this country would have to lay aside 54.2 days worth of wages to buy the iPhone. In countries like Montenegro or Russia, the new gadget has got the value of 48.5 and 47 workdays, respectively.

Credit : Picodi