Hong Kong woman’s act of kindness sparks debate as she plans to return Octopus Card found in Tokyo


24th September 2023 – (Tokyo) A Hong Kong woman who was travelling in Japan stumbled upon an Octopus Card near Ueno Station in Tokyo. Determined to do the right thing, she decided to bring the card back to Hong Kong and report it as lost. However, what was originally intended as a selfless gesture has sparked a heated debate, with many netizens expressing their concerns about the potential consequences of such an action.

The woman, took to the “Hong Kong Lost and Found Report Group” on Facebook to share her plan. She announced that she would be returning to Hong Kong that evening and intended to bring the found Octopus Card to Lok Fu MTR Station the following afternoon.

Accompanying her post was a photo of the recovered Octopus Card, along with a display of the Tokyo location where it was found. It seemed that the OP wanted to provide as much information as possible to facilitate the card’s identification by its rightful owner.

While initially, the post garnered praise and commendation from many netizens, with comments such as “You’re a good person doing a good deed,” “You’re such a kind-hearted individual. Hopefully, the owner sees this post and retrieves their Octopus Card,” and “You’re truly a good person. Good deeds will be rewarded.”

However, some netizens expressed their concerns, fearing that this act of kindness could have unintended negative consequences. One netizen suggested, “Maybe good intentions can lead to unintended consequences,” while another cautioned, “Be careful, you never know what might happen.”