Hong Kong woman saves over HK$300K in home renovation by commissioning custom furniture in Shenzhen for Her 600sqf apartment


23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong woman has undertaken a comprehensive renovation project on her 600-square-foot subsidised-sale public housing unit, investing over HK$600,000 and making more than 20 trips to Shenzhen to procure custom-made furniture tailored to her family’s needs.

The mother, who juggles a full-time job and parenting a three-year-old, shared her rigorous renovation journey on a Facebook group, capturing the attention of netizens with her venture. She took possession of the apartment in June of the previous year and decided to completely overhaul it by February, taking on the roles of designer and supervisor herself.

Faced with the potential of budget overruns—a common topic within her social media circle—the mother opted to source most of her materials and some smaller furnishings locally in Hong Kong. However, for the bulk of the furniture and major renovation materials, she turned to Shenzhen’s bustling markets at Tianbei Fourth Road, finding everything from doors and tiles to false ceilings. This strategic move not only met her specific aesthetic and functional requirements but also resulted in significant cost savings.

Indeed, the bulk of the furniture, including bespoke wardrobes, bunk beds with integrated desks, platform beds, modular shoe cabinets, and kitchen units with mirrored doors, were custom-made from eco-friendly particle boards by manufacturers in mainland China. This approach cost her around HK$220,000—substantially less than the HK$500,000 to HK$700,000 quotes she had received in Hong Kong.

The renovation also included extensive structural work such as demolition, tiling, plumbing, and wiring, which she managed to complete for an additional HK$230,000 by hiring tradespeople she found online. Over four months, she made over 20 trips to Shenzhen to oversee the manufacturing and ensure everything was to her satisfaction. Reflecting on the process, she remarked on social media, “I’m not a professional in renovation or design. I had never done anything like this before. Looking back, it feels a bit mad, but I managed to pull it off.”

Her post quickly sparked a lively discussion online, with many users expressing admiration for her perseverance and hands-on approach. Comments ranged from praises of her energy and commitment to acknowledgements of the complex and daunting nature of such a DIY renovation project.