Hong Kong woman faces backlash after criticising K11 MUSEA restaurant’s poor reception


25th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong woman recently took to online forums to publicly criticise the service at a restaurant located on the ground floor in K11 Musea, triggering a wave of discussions. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the receptionist who seemed engaged in a mobile phone conversation and ignored her for nearly a minute. Furthermore, despite a table for four being available, the staff did not make any arrangements and simply replied with a dismissive “no available seats” before continuing to use the phone. Unfortunately, the woman did not receive much sympathy from netizens who instead accused her of being an unreasonable customer. To exacerbate the situation, it appears that a restaurant employee came to the defence of their colleague online, stating, “My coworker wasn’t playing with her phone!”

The woman and her companion had intended to enjoy an afternoon tea at the restaurant. Upon approaching the receptionist, she requested seating for two. However, during peak dining hours, it is possible that the restaurant was understaffed and unable to promptly attend to all unexpected situations, resulting in customers having to wait for a period of time. The Hong Kong woman shared her experience of being neglected by the staff at K11 Musea restaurant on an online forum. She approached the receptionist, expressing her desire for seating for two, but the staff was preoccupied and did not respond immediately. The woman was greatly displeased, claiming that the staff member “played on the mobile phone for a whole minute.” However, the woman’s public criticism received backlash from netizens who pointed out inconsistencies in her claims, raising questions about her credibility.

Netizens overwhelmingly criticised the woman, labelling her as an unreasonable customer. They argued that from the accompanying photographs, it was evident that the staff member was engaged in a phone call rather than simply “playing with mobile phone,” as claimed by the woman. Some netizens highlighted that in today’s digital age, a phone can be used to handle various tasks, such as managing online or phone reservations and responding to customer inquiries. They commented, “It’s possible that she was answering other bookings” and “I believe she was attending to work-related matters.” Simultaneously, some netizens agreed that even if the staff member was busy, she could have acknowledged the customer’s presence through a gesture or eye contact, ensuring that the customer did not feel ignored.

An alleged clarification from a restaurant employee surfaced online: “My coworker wasn’t playing with her phone!”
The Hong Kong woman’s complaint about the restaurant staff’s alleged phone usage, causing a one-minute delay in attending to customers, has generated widespread discussion among netizens. An individual claiming to be a fellow restaurant employee took to an online platform to clarify the situation and defend the accused colleague. Apparently, due to unpaid telephone bills, the restaurant had accumulated a significant number of voicemail messages and notifications. Unexpectedly, a customer captured the incident on camera and publicly criticized the staff for “playing with their phone” and disregarding the customer’s requests. In response, the employee sought to clarify, stating, “My coworker wasn’t playing with her phone.” She emphasized that the restaurant was indeed fully occupied at the time, adding, “There really were no available tables.” Furthermore, the employee mentioned that her colleague had taken down the customers’ contact information and assured them that they would be notified when a table became available. Expressing discontent over the customer’s act of publicly shaming her colleague through the shared photograph, she questioned, “Is it necessary to jeopardize someone’s job?” She appealed to netizens for fairness and urged them to judge the situation impartially.