Hong Kong veteran actor Tony Leung tells Mainland online media why he has social anxiety disorder


    3rd February 2023 – (Hong Kong) 60-year-old Hong Kong veteran actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai spoke during a rare Mainland online media interview recently. The channel had already reached 2.1 million followers in only 5 days since its started. The main topic of discussion was social anxiety disorder, so far 3 videos have been released. The channel also featured an exclusive interview with Leung who talked about his childhood. He revealed that he is an introvert due to his unhappy childhood experiences, and his parents’ long-term feud and divorce later which affected him mentally. He claimed to be a joyful person when he was a child before becoming more reticent after his father left.

    He added, “Basically, my parents fought every day and night, and my dad seemed to be drunk every day. I still remember that I was very scared at that time. Every night when I heard them quarrelling, I took the quilt and cried under it. I didn’t know how to react, except that I was very scared. I will always remember that moment, I still remember that it was winter and it was cold. I must have been very sensitive since I was a child.

    He also mentioned that every time he went out with his father, he was not very happy: “My father had already separated from my mother at that time, he would come back occasionally and take me out to play, but in fact I was not very happy. One day he took me out to play, although it was to an amusement park, but I was not happy at all. I still remember what my father was wearing that day.”