Hong Kong veteran actor Mark Cheng hints Malaysian wife had affair when he was working in Mainland

    Mark Cheng and his Malaysian wife.

    15th September 2022- (Hong Kong) Hong Kong veteran actor Mark Cheng Ho-nam, who once became popular with the “Young and Dangerous” series of films, went to Tseung Kwan O yesterday to attend a banquet in conjunction with the launch of a new local drama. After returning to Hong Kong on 13th June from Malaysia earlier, he revealed that he had ‘a very unpleasant incident’ in his home in Malaysia. He was asked when will he return to Malaysia and he replied that his the lawyer is dealing with the issue. Cheng added that ‘his wife and children have disappeared’ so he could only contact her by phone. In response, the wife said on the phone that he could only talk to her lawyer.

    He pointed out that he has been married for 20 years since 18th September, 2002, and has never left his family for more than a week. However, he had left his family for 16 months earlier during the epidemic to work in the Mainland and he also underwent a shoulder surgery. Last Christmas, when he finally bought a plane ticket and informed his wife that he could return to Malaysia, she hanged up on him. Many speculated that his wife had an affair during his absence. He also said that all his properties including cars in Malaysia were not under his name so he has practically lost everything. Cheng revealed that he does not own any properties in Hong Kong.

    Mark Cheng Ho-nam (born 6th October 1964) is a Hong Kong actor. He made his name with his first starring role in the movie Cupid One with Sally Yeh. He is also known for his role as “Lam Wing” in the 1996 film Tai Chi Boxer and FuXi in My Date with a Vampire III.

    In the 1980s, Cheng dated Hong Kong actress Ann Bridgewater. In 1991, Cheng was married to Japanese actress Yukari Oshima but they divorced four years later.

    Cheng had since settled down in Malaysia since 1999 with his Malaysian wife Ailyn Pow whom he met during a shoot, they have a daughter named Jada.