Hong Kong travellers entering Japan from 10th June exempted from testing and quarantine


26th May 2022 – (Tokyo) The government will allow foreign tourists to enter Japan on package tours from 6th June, TV Asahi reported late Wednesday, paving the way for the full resumption of inbound tourism, which has been suspended for more than two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Japan Tourism Agency began a trial on Tuesday (24th) to allow small tour groups to enter the country. The first batch of seven passengers from the United States arrived at Narita Airport on the outskirts of Tokyo on the same day, and then went to Nagano and Gifu prefectures for sightseeing. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced today (26th) that foreign tourists will be officially allowed to enter the country on the 10th of next month, and the border will be reopened to foreign tourists after about two years. According to the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Hong Kong is included in the “blue list”, that is, Hong Kong travellers will be exempted from testing and quarantine entry regardless of whether they have received three shots of the vaccine against COVID-19. However, Macau is listed on the “yellow list” and visitors need to get 3 shots to be exempted from testing and quarantine.

Effective from next month, the Japanese government will relax entry restrictions in three stages and increase the daily limit of arrivals from the current 10,000 to 20,000. From the 1st of next month, Japan will classify the infection risk of each country and region into three groups: “blue”, “yellow” and “red”. Regardless of which group they come from, the arrivals must provide negative nucleic acid test result within 72 hours before departure.