Hong Kong Tourism Board plans to attract tourists from Singapore with discounts after travel bubble is implemented


18th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government announced last Thursday (15th) that it had reached a principled agreement with Singapore on the “travel bubble” and the plan is expected to be implemented within a few weeks. The Executive Director of the  Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), Dane Cheng said on a TV program this morning (18th) that he hopes that the details of the agreement will be announced soon. After the gradual implementation, it will help Hong Kong and other regions to discuss opening up tourism. He estimated that there will be Singaporean tourists in the next few weeks at the earliest. It is expected that the number of visitors to Hong Kong will not be too large at the initial stage, and will be mainly business or essential tourists. However, if the governments, airlines and airports of the two places do well, the number of visitors to Hong Kong will increase. The travel bubble agreement came at a very timely time, and the Tourism Board plans to attract tourists with discounts such as air tickets and hotels.

He pointed out that the HKTB used social media to promote Hong Kong and found that many Singaporeans havemissed Hong Kong’s food, scenic spots, and theme parks. He also claimed that when he was interviewed by the Singapore media, he also learned that Singaporeans were very interested in the travel bubble. The response was positive. Cheng said that although passengers have to pay for testing and the itinerary budget may cost thousands of Hong Kong dollars, but it is believed that as the supply of testing services increases, the cost will fall in the long run. In addition to Mainland and Macau, he believes that Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are all target areas that can be negotiated to join the travel bubble in the next step.