Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau’s recent photo in Italy sparks speculation of drastic ageing


    30th March 2024 – (Rome) Hong Kong actor and singer, Andy Lau, has been tirelessly working in the entertainment industry for many years. Apart from being a prolific actor, he has also maintained a busy schedule of performing in concerts. However, a recent photograph of Lau taken by netizens while filming his new movie, “A Cool Fish 2” in Italy, has raised concerns about his apparent ageing.

    In the shared photo on the social media platform Xiaohongshu, Lau was captured in a drastically different appearance, with a head full of white hair and a protruding belly, making it difficult for some to recognise him. Lau, who has always been known for his fit physique and handsome image, has seemingly transformed his appearance for the film, deviating from his usual dashing and suave persona. This portrayal reminded many netizens of his past role as an overweight character in the film “Love on a Diet.”

    Upon seeing Lau’s photo with white hair, some netizens mistakenly believed that the superstar was indeed experiencing a drastic ageing process. However, it should be noted that Lau’s current look is solely for the purpose of his movie role. Once this fact became known, netizens praised Lau for his dedication and work ethic, commenting, “He’s really pushing himself,” “He’s pushing himself even at this age,” “He’s incredibly professional,” “Doesn’t he need rest?” and “It seems like his life revolves around work.”