Hong Kong star Donnie Yen’s daughter Jasmine makes historic appearance at Le Bal in Paris

    Donnie Yen and Jasmine were invited as one of the three father-daughter pairs for the Opening Dance.

    28th November 2023 – (Paris) As Americans were indulging in Thanksgiving festivities and embarking on their holiday shopping sprees, across the Atlantic, the grandeur of European tradition unfolded spectacularly in Paris. The elite of the world converged at the Shangri-La Hotel for the illustrious event, Le Bal des Débutantes. This opulent ceremony, revived by Ophélie Renouard in the 1990s, is a modern iteration of the historic debutante balls of bygone eras.

    This year’s ball was not just a showcase of glamour and elegance. It served a higher purpose, raising funds for ARCFA, the cardiology research unit of Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, and World Central Kitchen, a charity providing meals during global crises. An assembly of 21 young women, selected from across the globe, graced the event, each embodying their unique personal style in extravagant gowns.

    Among the global contenders, a standout participant was Jasmine Yen, the 19-year-old daughter of celebrated Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen. Making her debut as a singer, Jasmine stepped into the spotlight with the support of her family, shining brightly amidst the glitz and glamour of the event.

    Jasmine’s debut at Le Bal was not just an appearance; it was a performance. In a first for the ball, she was invited to perform a song she had a hand in creating, “TBH”. Her choice was deliberate. With Chinese lyrics, the song was a platform for Jasmine to introduce her culture to the global audience.

    Alongside Jasmine, another star was Ethan Zhang, son of acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Both children of famous figures, they attracted much attention throughout the event. Donnie Yen, in a show of loving support, took a break from his film production schedule to dance with his daughter at the opening of the ball. It was a sight that captivated attendees and highlighted the event.

    The Yen family’s involvement in the event extended beyond the father-daughter duo. Jasmine’s younger brother, James, took up the role of her ‘knight’ for the evening, adding to the family’s notable presence at the event.

    In an interview, Jasmine expressed her initial nervousness upon receiving the invitation. However, she spent three days in Paris preparing for the event, fully embracing the opportunity. She expressed gratitude for the chance to open the event with her father and represent Chinese culture through her performance.