Hong Kong star Bosco Wong sends fans into frenzy with brief appearance on Mainland drama set

    Bosco Wong

    1st December 2023 – (Shenzhen) Bosco Wong, the 42-year-old Hong Kong star, has recently gained tremendous popularity in mainland China with his film “The Brotherhood Of Rebel 2” and TV drama “Dead Ringer”. Currently busy filming for TVB’s new drama “Forensic Heroes 6” in Shenzhen, he has been attracting a large number of citizens and fans wherever he goes, showcasing his immense popularity.

    Video clips shared by fans on social media platforms capture the scenes of Bosco Wong’s recent shoot at a restaurant in Shenzhen. A massive crowd of fans flocked to the location, patiently waiting from dawn till dusk outside the restaurant. When Bosco Wong finished work and left the premises, the long-awaited fans went into a frenzy, chanting “Bosco” in unison, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Bosco, wearing casual clothes, a cap, and a mask, was escorted to his vehicle by a team of staff members.

    Although the entire process from the restaurant to the car took only about 10 seconds, the production team was well-prepared. Not only did they have multiple staff members providing comprehensive security for Bosco Wong, but they also used umbrellas and black cloth to shield him, creating a grand spectacle. The fans present at the scene were delighted to catch a glimpse of their idol. Some fans couldn’t contain their excitement and immediately took to social media to share clips and express their feelings of joy. One ecstatic fan exclaimed, “He’s so handsome! I’m overwhelmed with excitement! I love him to death. His fair skin is glowing, I’m in love!”

    Another female fan was also captivated by Bosco Wong’s fair complexion and commented, “I saw Bosco Wong! His skin is unbelievably fair! You can’t even tell he’s in his forties! He got into the car right in front of me, ahhh!” There were even netizens praising Bosco Wong as a star who is not afraid to interact closely with his fans, stating, “It’s the first time I’ve been so close to a celebrity, wow! It’s Bosco Wong, whom I’ve liked for a long time, and he’s not afraid to engage with his fans.”