Hong Kong songstress Shiga Lin wows as a culinary prodigy during Lunar New Year celebrations

    Shiga Lin

    13th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Shiga Lin embraced her new role as a wife and celebrated the Lunar New Year with a display of her impressive culinary skills. Taking to social media, she shared a video showcasing her masterful creation of a festive dish featuring braised dried scallops, abalone, and mushrooms. Dressed in a vibrant red outfit, she held up her culinary masterpiece and enthusiastically extended her blessings to her viewers, saying, “Wishing you prosperity, happiness, good health, and success in the new year. May everyone enjoy a joyful feast.” The video then proceeded to demonstrate the cooking process, with Lin expertly cutting the softened dried scallops and offering her foodie insights, remarking, “Cutting them into larger pieces enhances the texture.” She proceeded to add oil, onions, garlic, and seasoning sauce to the pan, followed by mushrooms and abalone, skillfully simmering them until tender. The dish was then plated, showcasing an abundant amount of dried scallops, signifying good fortune and opulence. Viewers were pleasantly surprised by Lin’s culinary prowess, with some leaving comments expressing their admiration for her ability to prepare traditional dishes.

    In a previous interview, Shiga Lin explained that due to limited dining options in her residential area and her desire to ensure her husband’s health, she often visits local markets to purchase ingredients and prepares meals when she is not working. She humbly remarked, “My refrigerator is always well-stocked, and I can cook dishes for up to eight people, although I haven’t reached the level of preparing a nine-course meal yet.”