Hong Kong songstress G.E.M. startles 30,000 fans at Guangzhou concert as she falls from elevating stage


    10th December 2023 – (Guangzhou) Hong Kong female singer, Gloria Tang Sze-wing, widely known by her stage name G.E.M., encountered an unexpected mishap during her performance in Guangzhou. As she stood atop an elevating stage, she accidentally lost her footing and tumbled down, causing a momentary panic among the 30,000-strong crowd. However, demonstrating remarkable composure, G.E.M. calmly uttered a few words that showcased her emotional intelligence.

    The incident occurred during G.E.M.’s “G.E.M. I AM GLORIA” world tour concert, which kicked off at the Guangdong Olympic Stadium in Guangzhou on the 7th of December. The three-day concert series was highly anticipated by fans, who eagerly gathered to witness the renowned singer’s captivating live performance.

    Video footage captured by netizens on Weibo revealed the unfortunate incident. Dressed in an exquisite wedding gown, G.E.M. stood on the elevating stage, only to stumble on the hem of her dress and lose her balance. Reacting swiftly, the nearby staff rushed to her aid, ensuring that she suffered no significant injuries.