Hong Kong singer Shiga Lin glows in maternity elegance at charity event


    3rd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Shiga Lin graced the stage of the “Pok Oi Charity Show” yesterday. Amidst her pregnancy, Lin took to the spotlight with poise and style, donning a chic black cut-out gown and high heels, a bold yet elegant choice that required careful strides and attentive assistance from those around her.

    At 19 weeks into her pregnancy, Lin’s svelte figure still defies the expected silhouette of an expectant mother. With a laugh, she shared the increasing challenge of finding the right outfit. “Before the baby, it would only take a couple of tries to pick the right dress. Now, I might have to try on ten to find one that fits,” Lin said. Her enigmatic presence was accentuated by a form-fitting dress that she wore for the official announcement photoshoot, designed to showcase her pregnancy to her fans.

    Despite a modest weight gain of about 10 pounds since her pregnancy began, Lin humorously remarked that she’s not keen on adding any more to the scale. She spoke fondly of her husband, Carlos Chan, who had his reservations about her choice of footwear for the night. “He’s a bit wary of the high heels, but I only wear them for performances,” Lin explained. Embracing the next 10 months with a sense of regality, Lin admitted to enjoying the extra care she’s been receiving.

    Lin also mentioned changes in her palate, expressing cravings for sour and flavorful foods. She is determined to continue working up until the birth, jesting that she needs to earn “formula money.” When it comes to the birth itself, Lin revealed that she’s still gathering information and contemplating her options, prioritizing the health of her baby above all else.

    As for the baby’s future care, Lin anticipates a shared arrangement among the grandparents to ease the burden. Reflecting on the early months of her pregnancy, she recounted bouts of nausea, especially during her touring in mainland China. “The baby has already accompanied me through several shows. I consider it a stroke of luck; as soon as I step on stage, everything goes smoothly, perhaps thanks to an adrenaline boost,” she shared.

    Chan, soon to be a father, initially reacted with excitement upon hearing the baby’s movements during check-ups. Lin teased about his emotional state, “He didn’t cry, but his expression was quite something to behold.” She expressed hope that the baby would bring prosperity to both their careers.

    When questioned about Chan’s recent roles, including a particularly revealing scene, Lin demonstrated understanding and support. “I knew about it. It’s a great opportunity for him. With the new role and his impending fatherhood, he’s under a lot of pressure, so I try not to hassle him,” Lin conveyed with a supportive partner’s understanding.

    Carlos Chan (left) and Shiga Lin (right).