Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau embroiled in scandal over alleged naked  shower photos  


    2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer and actor Pakho Chau, who recently became a father, is at the centre of a scandal after alleged photos of him taking a shower were leaked online. The photos, which were widely circulated on various discussion forums, show a man who bears a striking resemblance to Chau in the shower, covering his private parts with clothing after being caught off guard by the sudden filming. While it is unknown whether the photos are real or digitally manipulated, netizens have been discussing the matter, with some suggesting that it could be related to an incident Chau experienced in 2018, where he was allegedly filmed in a changing room without his consent.

    In February 2018, Chau took to Instagram to detail the incident, where he was allegedly filmed by a person who recognized him in a locker room after a sports game. The person reportedly used their phone to take a video of Chau, prompting him to confront the perpetrator and demand that they delete the video. The suspect, who was only 18 years old at the time, admitted to taking the video and deleted it after being questioned by Chau. While Chau did not press charges at the time, the recent leak of the alleged shower photos has led some to speculate that they were taken later and are unrelated to the 2018 incident.

    Chau’s management company has responded to the scandal, stating that they have sought legal advice and will pursue legal action if necessary. Chau, who is also a songwriter and actor, rose to fame in 2007 after signing with Warner Music Group. He left the label in 2017 and joined Voice Entertainment and TVB New Media. He is also the founder of two fashion brands, XPX and CATXMAN. Chau has also represented Hong Kong in basketball and worked as a lifeguard, swimming teacher, and piano teacher.

    In December 2019, Chau and his wife secretly welcomed their daughter, Chau Sum-yuet (SONYA), and Chau expressed his romantic side by writing a four-part song for his wife. In March 2021, Chau made headlines when he expressed his support for cotton from Xinjiang, which caused controversy due to allegations of human rights violations in the region and led to several companies boycotting the cotton.