Hong Kong singer Maggie Fu robbed of mobile phone at Hyde Park in London during morning run

    Maggie Fu

    2nd April 2023 – (London) Hong Kong singer and writer Maggie Fu recently visited London and had an eventful trip. Maggie, met with the lyricist of the song, Wyman Wong, during her trip to the U.K.. Maggie also had a chance to visit some exhibitions and work on her projects, but one day during her morning run, she experienced a frightening incident. She was robbed in broad daylight by three assailants who took her phone and her favourite green phone case.

    Maggie was traumatised by the incident and described her emotions in detail. She said, “I was stunned for a second, then I thought about chasing them for a second, and in the last second, I started crying. The three seconds were like riding a rollercoaster, and on the fourth second, I was already crying and vomiting!” Maggie was alone during the incident, and there were no witnesses nearby. She had to run five kilometres back to her accommodation, which only took her 20 minutes, despite her usual pace being 8 minutes per kilometre.

    After the incident, Maggie couldn’t believe that she had lost her phone. She was reminded of the importance of staying safe and being grateful that she wasn’t physically harmed. She said, “I should be thankful that no one got hurt. I heard that robbers in the U.K. are skilled at using knives, and even though I was running on a public road in the park, I didn’t notice anyone because I had my AirPods on.”

    Maggie was shaken by the experience and had a hard time shaking off the fear. However, she also expressed gratitude that she wasn’t travelling alone to Iceland, as she feared that nobody would notice if anything happened to her.