Hong Kong singer Leon Lai discovers he was deceived by parents after 50 years


    30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer, Leon Lai, has always believed that he was the only child in his family. In several interviews, he expressed his desire to have siblings and questioned his father about why he wasn’t given any brothers or sisters. The answer he received was that the policy in Beijing, where he was born, stipulated that each household could have only one child. Lai had unquestioningly accepted this explanation for many years, and he shared a close bond with his late father.

    However, everything changed in 2017 when the 50-year-old Lai was interviewed on a television programme in Shanghai. The host, Jin Xing, asked him if he had any siblings. Lai replied, “At that time, each family could only have one child.” Jin Xing found this response puzzling and questioned him further, saying, “Why? There were no restrictions at that time, right?” Lai insisted that there were restrictions, but Jin Xing, who was from the same generation as Lai, clarified that the family planning policy in mainland China began in 1980. After learning this, Lai’s face filled with confusion, and he asked, “So, could it be that he (his father) deceived me?”

    Leon Lai’s revelation has sparked intrigue and speculation about his family background, as well as the circumstances surrounding his upbringing. The iconic singer, known for his powerful vocals and emotional performances, has captivated audiences for decades with his soulful ballads and charismatic stage presence. Now, this personal revelation has added a new layer to his public persona, inviting a deeper exploration into his life story.