Hong Kong singer Keung To faces sluggish response as new song “The Irregulars” takes 8 days to hit 1 million views on YouTube


    6th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Keung To, a member of the popular group MIRROR, recently released a new song titled “The Irregulars”. However, his latest music video for “The Irregulars” has faced a slower-than-expected response, taking a whole week to surpass the 1 million view mark. This unexpected delay has raised questions about the waning popularity of the singer.

    The music video, which features Keung To and his rumoured girlfriend Tammy Lin, showcases numerous romantic scenes and even includes a passionate kissing scene. The inclusion of these intimate moments has seemingly stirred some controversy among fans, leading to a boycott by certain individuals. As a result, the music video struggled to gain traction and failed to reach the 1 million view milestone until the eighth day of its release. This situation is considered highly unusual for Keung To, given his track record of instant success.

    Despite Keung To’s previous achievements, such as having 9 out of the top 10 songs on the recently announced “Apple Music Top 100 Songs of 2023: Hong Kong and Macao” list, and dominating the top 6 spots on Spotify’s “2023 Year-End Review: Hong Kong’s Most Popular Songs” chart, his latest music video’s performance on YouTube indicates a decline in popularity. In comparison to his previous releases, such as the music video for “What the Work Says”, which surpassed 1.5 million views within 30 hours, and the self-deprecating song “Dummy” released earlier this year, which garnered 1.23 million views in a single day, “The Irregulars” struggled to gain traction. After 22 hours, the video had only amassed 360,000 views, and it took around five days to reach approximately 830,000 views. It wasn’t until the end of the first week that the music video finally crossed the 1 million view threshold. Despite achieving the status of “#1 Trending Music Video,” the slower rate of the video’s view count growth compared to Keung To’s previous releases is noteworthy.