Hong Kong singer Kenny Kwan recovers from second-degree burns following domestic accident

    Kenny Kwan

    1st December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Kenny Kwan, a Hong Kong singer, has fully recovered from second-degree burns to his face and hands sustained in a domestic accident involving a gas leak. The artiste took to Instagram to share his harrowing experience, serving as a grim reminder of the potential dangers lurking in our homes.

    Kwan, a fitness enthusiast, known for his dynamic performances and active lifestyle, revealed that he inadvertently ignited the gas that had leaked in his home two weeks ago, causing burns to his face and hands. The singer acted swiftly, dousing his face with cold water and summoning an ambulance to the hospital.

    Kwan’s post stated, “Tonight, I want to share with you that my second-degree facial burns have completely healed… I had a domestic accident two weeks ago, a gas leak, an accidental ignition, resulting in second-degree burns to my face and hands.”

    He described the moments of panic following the accident, recalling how he frantically rinsed his face with cold water. On regaining his wits, he noticed his singed hair and eyebrows and a swollen, reddened face and lips. The next five minutes were a flurry of activity, culminating in a desperate dash to the hospital.

    Fans were in the dark about the severity of Kwan’s injuries, with some speculating about his health when he wore gloves at an event on the 17th. Some thought his reddened nose was due to the cold weather, while others jokingly suggested he’d undergone a lip augmentation procedure. Kwan, however, was dealing with the aftermath of the burn accident, covering his injuries with makeup and continuing his scheduled commitments.

    Kwan’s recovery is nothing short of miraculous. After a week of treatment from a specialist, his burns healed significantly. “The speed of my recovery and metabolism surprised me,” Kwan admitted, attributing it partly to his daily dose of vitamins.

    Following a week of meticulous care, including continuous application of ointment and avoidance of sunlight, Kwan’s wounds are now healed, save for his eyebrows, which are yet to fully regrow. He ended his post with a note of gratitude, “Thanks, God. I have completely recovered!”

    Born in the Philippines and raised in Hong Kong, Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun is signed under Emperor Entertainment Group. He gained fame as a member of Boy’z, later known as Sun Boy’z, a duo he formed with Steven Cheung when he was just 20.