Hong Kong singer Kelvin Kwan enjoys VIP treatment at Wynn Palace in Macao

    Insert picture: Kelvin Kwan

    2nd April 2024 – (Macao) Kelvin Kwan, a 41-year-old singer and former TVB artist known for his role as a wealthy second-generation character in the drama “Night Beauties,” has been living a luxurious lifestyle. Last year, Kelvin Kwan tied the knot with internet celebrity Joann, and on Valentine’s Day, he surprised her with a stack of cash, estimated to be at least HK$200,000, which sparked accusations of flaunting his wealth.

    Recently, Kelvin Kwan enjoyed VIP treatment at the Wynn Palace in Macao, a five-star hotel. In a video, he revealed a secret passage within the hotel and expressed his astonishment upon entering the exclusive private club. The photos of Kelvin Kwan with his wife and their wedding ceremony have garnered attention on social media.