Hong Kong singer Joey Yung reveals “invisible boyfriend” after six years of being single

    Joey Yung

    17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Renowned Cantopop diva Joey Yung has returned with a new song after a three-year hiatus. During an exclusive interview with local media, she explained the delay behind her latest work, citing personal debts and her relentless pursuit of perfection. Yung stated, “I had accumulated significant concert-related debts in those years. It took me a whole year to prepare this song, so it might seem a bit late, but I put in a tremendous effort to record it.” She emphasised that her work never ceased, jokingly remarking that she was born with an arduous destiny, which had left her hands roughened from hard work.  Yung, who has been single for six years, has revealed the existence of an “invisible boyfriend,” expressing her belief that dating is a joyful experience that could be made public.

    Having been absent from album promotions for an extended period, Yung felt a sense of reunion when facing radio DJs and the media. Addressing the long-standing estrangement between her and music award ceremonies, which led some to believe it was related to her status as the “Queen of Queens” in the industry, she vehemently expressed her innocence. Yung exclaimed, “I have never said I won’t accept awards. That’s so outdated! Not attending award ceremonies simply means I have no songs or I am not in Hong Kong! (Is it related to your rise in popularity?) I don’t care about that. I’m very casual and go with the flow. If everyone thinks I deserve it, I can sit on the ‘care seat’ at award ceremonies.”