Hong Kong singer Joey Wong, bounces back with radiant smile post breakup with bankrupt boyfriend


    28th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Joey Wong, recently announced her split from her bankrupt boyfriend Tarzan Ip, officially ending their six-year relationship. Previously, Ip had made remarks about prioritising love over money, but this sentiment was met with ridicule from netizens who sarcastically commented that they could only share prosperity but not hardship. In response to the public’s perception, JW shared a video on her social media platforms, suggesting that people had a limited understanding of her situation and indirectly addressing the “materialistic” criticisms.

    Moving forward, JW is focusing on her career. Apart from her involvement in the musical “Sound of Music” in Hong Kong as a guest performer, she recently embarked on a promotional concert in Guangzhou, where fans eagerly shared photos of the event. Despite the heavy rain on that day, her fans’ enthusiasm remained unwavering as they prepared banners to welcome JW. Upon her arrival, JW greeted her devoted fans with warmth and admiration, praising the exquisite craftsmanship of the banners. She expressed her gratitude and excitement, saying, “These banners are so beautiful. They should be used in concerts. Thank you, thank you all for coming. Hello hello, so many new faces! You’re all amazing!” Throughout the event, she engaged in conversations with her fans, wearing a radiant smile and displaying a positive outlook. It seems that JW has swiftly emerged from the shadows of her breakup and wholeheartedly immersed herself in her work.