Hong Kong singer Deep Ng’s marriage purported to be in turmoil over allegations of domestic violence

    Margiela Kwok (left) and Deep Ng (right).

    26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Deep Ng, and his wife Margiela Kwok, tied the knot in March 2022 and welcomed their son, in September of the same year. The couple appeared to be living a blissful and harmonious life, even celebrating their first wedding anniversary with great fanfare on social media in February of last year. However, their marital bliss was abruptly shattered in October when rumours of their relationship hitting a rough patch started circulating.

    Margiela Kwok took to her Instagram account to publicly express her grievances against her husband, Deep Ng, revealing that they had been sleeping in separate rooms for a year. Her revelation sparked intense discussions among netizens and fueled speculation that she might be contemplating leaving their home. Nevertheless, during a media interview, Margiela Kwok vehemently denied any marital issues, asserting that there was nothing wrong between her and Deep Ng. She also refuted claims of wanting to leave their home, emphasising the strength of their bond as a married couple.

    Meanwhile, Deep Ng made headlines himself when he announced his departure from his long-standing partnership with Emperor Entertainment Group in December of the previous year. Determined to support his family financially, he took on multiple jobs, including working on construction sites, showcasing his willingness to shoulder responsibilities and earning him respect from many. This transition allowed him to establish an image as a dedicated family man.

    Margiela Kwok took to her Instagram account to publicly express her grievances against her husband, Deep Ng.

    Despite their public display of affection and a recent romantic getaway to Phuket, Thailand, where they enjoyed quality time together, Margiela Kwok surprised her followers by sharing a photo of her bruised wrist on social media. In a caption filled with anger, she wrote, “Documenting this, for the past two and a half years, I’ve constantly reminded [him], but it’s been ignored repeatedly, trapped in an endless loop. Finally, I couldn’t bear it anymore, and it drove me to the point of physical altercation. I know hurting myself won’t solve anything, but I’m genuinely furious. Apart from shouting and venting my anger physically, I don’t know what else to do… For the sake of my child and my dog, I no longer mind being seen as a bad person.”

    While Margiela Kwok did not explicitly mention Deep Ng’s name in her post, it inevitably led to speculations of domestic violence within their relationship. However, she also included hashtags stating, “I’ve never been referring to my husband,” “Don’t force me to talk about him and subject me to online scrutiny,” and “If you don’t know what someone else is going through, it’s best to keep quiet.” These hashtags were intended to clarify that her grievances were unrelated to Deep Ng.