Hong Kong singer Deep Ng embraces construction and fatherhood in career apex

    Deep Ng

    1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) At a recent event organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) at their Sheung Shui Campus, Hong Kong singer Deep Ng who is now a construction worker, was warmly received as he shared personal insights into his life in construction and serenaded the audience with two songs. The artist, affectionately dubbed “the real man” by students, resonated with the crowd through his tales from the construction site and his musical gifts.

    Ng revealed that he had only recently returned to the construction field on the 15th of last month, following a busy schedule filled with commercial performances, events, and seasonal gatherings, for which he expressed immense gratitude. On stage, he voiced an interest in furthering his education in the construction industry, stating, “Yes, it’s true, but it’s all about managing time effectively. Distance learning might be the better option as I’m keen on progressing in this line of work.”

    The artist, whose father is engaged in crane engineering, shared why he didn’t follow directly in his father’s footsteps, “Initially, I hadn’t planned on a lengthy stint in construction, thinking I’d leave it behind for acting roles. However, I’ve grown responsible for it. My father’s craft is very technical, and eventually, I plan to merge my own engineering company with his, ensuring its continuity as he aims to retire and spend time with his grandchildren—a desire hindered by his indispensable talent.” Ng credits his wife and son as significant motivators in his life.

    Deep Ng, who now enjoys a positive public image, contrasted this with a time when reactions to him were less favourable, “It feels surreal, like a dream, compared to when my image wasn’t as good.” He also candidly disclosed a personal financial setback, having lost two million dollars in investments in the music industry and mainland corporate training ventures. “Fortunately, I didn’t owe money to anyone. Although I haven’t recovered the loss yet, I’m slowly but surely making it back. I might recoup the losses within a year. Right now, I’m experiencing a peak in my life, both personally and professionally.”