Hong Kong singer Andy Hui added to the list of inferior artists in mainland

    Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong

    18th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) The mainland’s rectification of the entertainment circle is suspected to be further expanded. Recently a list of 25 “inferior artists” was released with 21 male celebrities and 4 female stars. In addition to Zhao Wei and Kris Wu Yifan, Taiwanese artists Ko Chen-tung and Show Lo are also on the list.

    Two more lists of artists targeting karaoke lounges have been circulated on the Internet recently, claiming that all their song on the list will be removed.

    According to reports, the longer list contains 47 people, but the list circulated online is blurred and the names cannot be verified. However, another list of about 20 people including Show Lo, Kris Wu and also Andy Hui from Hong Kong was also revealed.

    The list starts with an announcement, “Distinguished guests, according to the notice from the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, from now on, 1376 musical works of 47 inferior artists from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong who were engaged in illegal or immoral activities will be removed from the shelves.”

    On 16th April, 2019, a video of Hui being intimate with former HK Pageant contestant Jacqueline Wong during a taxi ride was released. The incident was recorded by the taxi’s dash cam and released on the now defunct Apple Daily. Hui made a public apology to his wife, Sammy Cheng and loved ones, citing he was drunk that night but admitted his intoxication was no excuse for his behaviour. Wong’s image was tarnished but Hui was able to save his career and marriage after the scandal.