Hong Kong Science Museum launches “Material Tales – The Life of Things” exhibition from tomorrow

Photo shows a child's bicycle wheel (left) made from rubber, and a Taraxa bike tyre (right) made from rubber extracted from the Russian dandelion.

18th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Science Museum is set to launch a new exhibition, “Material Tales – The Life of Things,” starting on 19th May. In collaboration with the Design Museum in London, the Hong Kong Science Museum brings its touring exhibition to Hong Kong for the first time in a new light.

The exhibition uses bamboo, a biodegradable and versatile material, as its design concept. Divided into four zones, the exhibition starts from the origins and characteristics of materials. Through everyday items such as classic chairs and tableware, images, videos, and artworks, this exhibition showcases how humans have applied ingenious technology and design to transform various materials to make life more comfortable and convenient while at the same time endowed materials with boundless imagination. Visitors will be able to appreciate the contribution of the earth’s resources to the ascent of humans and reflect on the disastrous consequences of the ravenous consumption of natural resources through exploring the stories behind materials.

The “Material Tales – The Life of Things” exhibition will not only showcase the latest advancements in sustainable materials, but it will also provide a comprehensive and interactive experience for visitors to learn about how design and technology have been shaping human civilization. With the collaboration between the Design Museum in London and the Hong Kong Science Museum, the exhibition serves as a vehicle for cultural exchange and inspiration for future generations to pursue their passion for science and technology. Visitors can also learn about the disastrous consequences of the ravenous consumption of natural resources through exploring the stories behind materials. The exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in sustainable materials and innovative design.

Apart from over 100 exhibits from the London Design Museum’s collection, the exhibition also showcases locally developed innovative products, such as “Lightweight Foamed Concrete” that is lighter in weight than normal concrete used in the construction industry; the “Celluwarm Puffer Jacket” made from spent corn husks and stalks; takeaway packaging that uses “Biocide-Free Germ-Repellent Varnish for Paper Products,” as well as eco-friendly tableware made from plant-based waste and biodegradable plastic. Visitors can also learn about the scientific properties and applications of different materials through specially designed interactive exhibits.

Other officiating guests at the opening ceremony included the Head of International Engagement of the Design Museum, London, Mr. Chris Harris; the Chief Executive Officer of the Nano and Advanced Materials Institute, Mr. Daniel Yu; the Chairman of Science Sub-committee, Museum Advisory Committee, Professor Ching Pak-chung; and the Museum Director of the Hong Kong Science Museum, Mr. Lawrence Lee.

The exhibition is staged at the special exhibition hall of the Hong Kong Science Museum (2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East) from 19th May to 18th October.

Photo shows a panton chair made from injection-moulded polypropylene, which is designed by Verner Panton.