Hong Kong restaurants face accusations of using lymph meat


23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In recent days, netizens have taken to social media platforms to express their concerns about local restaurants allegedly using lymph meat in their dishes. The topic gained traction when a user shared photos of pork in a meal and questioned whether it was lymph meat. The discussions have even involved well-established eateries, leaving one user exclaiming, “Even the old establishments use lymph meat. Why should we, ordinary citizens, not seek food elsewhere?” The posts have sparked heated debates among netizens, with comments ranging from questioning the logic behind such accusations to debating the availability of lymph meat in mainland China.

Several netizens on a local Facebook group have shared their experiences and concerns about local restaurants suspected of using lymph meat. One user expressed frustration, stating, “Even the old establishments use lymph meat. Why should we, ordinary citizens, not seek food elsewhere? You complain about the difficulties of running a business, but we have to endure it. Fine, let’s retire together and wait for a rebirth. I’m done!” The accompanying picture showed a dish of stir-fried pork from a renowned local restaurant.

Another user uploaded a photo of a meal with rice and pointed out the presence of pork, asking fellow netizens if it was lymph meat. Netizens responded with various comments, expressing surprise at the appearance of the meat and questioning how the original poster could identify it as lymph meat. Some speculated that the unusual appearance could be due to uneven coating or the frying process.

The discussions have also touched upon the logic behind the accusation, with netizens questioning the assumption that lymph meat is absent in mainland China. Some sarcastically remarked, “Does lymph meat magically disappear when you cross the border?” Others stated, “Even in the mainland, you can’t be sure if what you’re eating is real meat,” and “Laughable! The taste remains the same whether you fry, deep-fry, or eat pork cooked in any other way.” Some netizens humorously commented, “If you don’t eat, you won’t even get close to the butcher’s shop.”