Hong Kong resident transforms public housing unit into modern home on a HK$100,000 budget


21st May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong resident shared his experience of transforming a 380-square-foot public housing unit into a modern three-bedroom home, with a modest budget of HK$100,000. This post on the Facebook group “Hong Kong Public Housing Discussion” has garnered widespread admiration for its economical yet chic overhaul.

The tenant was initially allocated what is locally known as a ‘bare shell’ apartment, which featured just basic concrete floors and minimal wall partitions. Described as ‘I-shaped’ in layout, the space challenged the resident to maximise every inch. The transformation involved a complete redesign, introducing a wooden theme that brought warmth and elegance to the previously stark unit.

Furniture, a significant component of the redesign, was custom-ordered from manufacturers in Mainland China. This included everything from kitchen cabinets and doors to beds and living room storage, all designed, supplied, and installed by the same company. The furniture not only enhanced the aesthetic but also cleverly divided the space into three distinct bedrooms. The cost for these fittings came to approximately HK$70,000, with the kitchen cabinetry alone accounting for HK$16,000.

The entire renovation took two and a half months to complete, finishing ahead of schedule thanks to the diligent efforts of the craftsmen involved. The resident expressed deep satisfaction with the overall design, colour scheme, and quality of workmanship. The remaining budget, about HK$20,000, was primarily spent on laying new floor tiles, while the bathroom was left largely untouched.