Hong Kong records a total of 8 new imported COVID-19 cases today involving mostly returnees via Qatar Airways flight no. QR 818 from Pakistan (Updated: 10.36pm)


21st May 2020 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong recorded a total of 8 imported COVID-19 cases today. Earlier sources confirmed only 7 cases but the official number is now 8. Most of them just arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. Dr.Chuang Tsuk-Kwan from Centre for Health Protection said in a media conference at 4.30pm today that there are a total of 8 new imported cases involving patients no. 1057-1064 who recently returned from Pakistan. Total cases in Hong Kong stand at 1,064 as of now.

Case 1058 and case 1059 are the 14-year-old and 22-year-old sons of case 1057, a 57-year old man who went to Pakistan to visit relatives at the end of January. They returned to Hong Kong yesterday on Qatar Airways flight no. QR 818. All three were asymptotical. Case 1060 is an asymptotical 31-year-old woman who went to Pakistan in February with 3 kids. She is the relative to Case 1061 and case 1062. Case 1061 is 11-year-old teenage girl who went to visit relatives in March with family members and returned to Hong Kong on Qatar Airways flight no. QR 818. Case 1062 is the mother of Case 1061.

Case 1063 is the 73-year-old woman who returned from Pakistan, the grandmother of Case 1055 who is married to 1056. She developed fever and breathing difficulties yesterday and she is currently being treated in Tuen Mun Hospital.

Case 1064 is a 25-year-old man is asymptotical and he also returned to Hong Kong on Qatar Airways flight no. QR 818 via Doha yesterday. He visited Pakistan on 7th of March.

As at noon today, three COVID-19 confirmed patients (case numbers: 532, 789 and 1046) were discharged from hospital in the past 24 hours. So far, a total of 1,029 confirmed and suspected patients have been discharged.

At present, there are 659 negative pressure rooms in public hospitals with 1,219 negative pressure beds activated. A total of 23 confirmed patients are currently hospitalised in nine hospitals, among which one patient is in critical condition (case number: 595), one patient is in serious condition (case number: 1049), and the remaining 21 patients are in stable condition.

Source: CHP