16th August 2019 – (Oslo) BBC reported in October 2014 that aristocracy of political activists gathered in a basement of a four star hotel in Oslo, Norway in 2014 to share ideas and learn at the Oslo Freedom Forum whose head office is based at 350, 5th Avenue New York, New York.

‘In 2014, many of the student protesters at Occupy Central were trained two years before they took it to the streets. They were described as Weapon of Mass Destruction to challenge the Chinese government’, quoted in BBC documentary.

The forum was akin to a school for revolution for human rights activists. BBC described in a video that the Oslo Freedom Forum is definitely not a secret but it’s certainly obscure. Activists from all over the world are taught how to topple a government for good by planning and organising meticulously. An activist, Yang Jianli, a Chinese academic from Hong Kong was delegated with the task to organise the ongoing protest in the city in 2014 by deploying thousands of front line protesters on the streets.

He said that the students were better organised than the Tiananmen protesters ever were, with clearer, more effective structures for their action and clearer goals about what they were trying to achieve.

He also added that the responsibility for what happened next was not just down to the protesters themselves, not just down to other democracy activists like those gathered here in Oslo, but to the rest of the world.

The idea was hatched more than two years ago in 2012 and Yang Jianli, the man in-charge  protested himself during the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989. He was communicating with Joshua Wong, the student activist on a daily basis during the Occupy Central in 2014. Many of the student protesters were trained long before they took it to the streets. They were described as Weapon of Mass Destruction to challenge the Chinese government.

Yang Jianli was communicating with Joshua Wong, the student activist on a daily basis during the Occupy Central in 2014. Source : BBC

Organisers prepared a plan to deploy 10,000 people on to the streets, to occupy roads in central Hong Kong, back in January 2013. They believed that China’s moves to control the Hong Kong election would provide a flashpoint where civil disobedience could be effective, and planned accordingly.

Jamila Raqib, Executive Director of Albert Einstein Institution explained that the protesters were taught how to behave during a protest or arrest, keep ranks, speak to police, manage their own movement, how to use marshals within their movement and to arrange for basic food and water so that the movement can last longer. These group was meticulously trained to manage water canons or other types of violence deployed by police.

During the evenings of the conference, it was incongruous  to see hackers, North Korean defectors and other political dissidents from all over the world exchanged information over a glass of champagne.

Image credit : BBC

Hong Kong protests: Activists received training from Oslo Freedom Forum. Source : BBC

In an article we wrote yesterday, we detailed that the frontline anti-extradition protesters were potentially funded by Jimmy Lai and the American National Endowment for Democracy. Co-incidentally, Oslo Freedom Forum is also a New York-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation  founded by human rights activist Thor Halvorssen. As exposed by the BBC documentary, 10,000 protesters during Occupy Central were trained as early as two years ago. Hence, it is highly possible that thousands of anti-extradition protesters were trained in 2017 or even 2018 to prepare themselves for the current anti-extradition protest.

Meanwhile, in 2017, the Oslo Freedom Forum took place on May 23-24,2017. Speakers included Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg, the Maldives’ first democratically-elected president, Mohamed NasheedPeter Thiel, and American Nobel Laureate and director of the International Campaign to Ban LandminesJody Williams. A second event took place on September 19, 2017 in New York City, parallel to the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly.The event took place at Alice Tully HallLincoln Center, and was considered a “one-day” version of the event typically held in Oslo.

Oslo Freedom Forum supports Al Qaida affiliated White Helmets – Raed al-Saleh “to speak in Oslo” – we are protecting terrorists.
The White Helmets’ motto. Photo | White Helmet website

One of the key speakers in the 2017 forum was Raed al-Saleh, an Al Qaida affiliated White Helmets, it has been proven that the group only appears in rebel held areas in Syria.   During his speech, he used the same children again and again in different pictures, film crews on a number of occasions documented that White Helmets are pictured together with Al Qaida soldiers.

According to Mintpress, despite repeatedly claiming to be an independent organization — one that does not take money from governments and is impartial in the Syrian conflict — the White Helmets also received a disclosed $23 million in funding from the U.S. administration under President Barack Obama via its USAID/Chemonics networks. This support was openly admitted by Mark Toner of the U.S. State Department during a press briefing held in April 2016, and confirmed by the White Helmet website:

Since 2014, the work of Syria Civil Defence has been supported by Mayday Rescue and Chemonics, who implement international aid programmes providing training and equipment, advocacy and outreach, and organizational capacity building.”

All governments and government-linked entities funding the White Helmets have publicly declared an interest in, or have been working towards, the removal of the internationally recognized Syrian government and its democratically elected President, Bashar Al Assad — thus effecting “regime change” in Syria. This fact alone must surely compromise the proclaimed neutrality of the group.

Why would Oslo Freedom Forum invite an Al Quaida affiliate to train protesters? This definitely raised our eyebrows because if Hong Kong frontline protesters were trained during the period, they could have exchanged information and learned the guerrilla warfare tactics deployed in the past few weeks in Hong Kong. Real time maps were used by protesters and guerrilla tactics were deployed to cause massive disruptions in Hong Kong in recent weeks (Roads were blocked, MTR disrupted and airport was was under sieged) akin to a mini terrorist attack. If this were proven true, someone must have funded the training and it is definitely cheaper to fund a minority group of frontline guerrilla protesters to cause chaos and disruptions in the city since the ALL the other genuine protesters are aligned to the anti-Beijing agenda.

We described yesterday that Denise Ho, the local singer and political activist who is involved in the current anti-extradition protests as one of the major inciters. (Read here). It is highly likely that she was one of the ‘graduates’ at the Oslo Freedom Forum as she was invited by them to give a speech in June 2019 and again in the upcoming forum in 2020.

Infographics: Organisational chart of the anti-extradition protest.

During Denise Ho’s speech at the 2019 Oslo Freedom Forum, she showed to the protest trainees images of Lennon Wall message boards and a banner demanding suffrage hung from top of Lion Rock. A staunch supporter of the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, she was arrested for taking part in the nonviolent pro-democracy protests. she told a packed audience of protest trainees how the Chinese government has banned her from performing in China, where she previously enjoyed popularity as a singer.

Another  Oslo Freedom Forum in Taiwan will take place this year in Taipei, Taiwan on September 13, with a full-day of compelling stories told by global activists.

Denise Ho was again used by Oslo Freedom Forum as the key figure in their forum in 2020.

Oslo Freem Forum 2017
Oslo Freedom Forum in 2018 (Day 1)

Oslo Freedom Forum in 2018 (Day 2)