30th May 2020 – (Minneapolis) Demonstrators stood outside the 3rd Precinct after it was set on fire in Minneapolis on 28th May.  Protesters late Thursday set fire to the police station, the base where the four police officers were fired after Floyd’s death in their custody Monday. Police cleared the building shortly after 10 p.m., when demonstrators forcibly entered and “ignited several fires,” department spokesman John Elder said.

Demonstrators funnelled their anguish in cities like Atlanta, New York and Washington into chants, signs and outbreaks of violence, smashing windows and setting vehicles ablaze. In Minneapolis, roughly 1,000 people marched peacefully along the city’s major freeway Interstate 35, hours after a curfew went into effect. One black man held a sign that read, “Am I next?”

Governor Tim Walz ordered Guard troops to assist police as local, state and federal law enforcement officials sought to ease racial tensions sparked by Monday night’s fatal arrest of George Floyd, 46, by vowing to achieve justice in the case. Four city police officers involved in the incident, including the one shown pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck as he lay on the ground, moaning, “please, I can’t breathe,” were fired from their jobs the next day.

Starbucks destroyed.
Starbucks destroyed.

President Trump described the protesters as ‘thugs’ in his tweet and deployed military troops from National Guard to support Minneapolis governor, Tim Walz. He tweeted that ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’. The protesters set fire to the police station, burned a US flag, vandalised many shops including Chase Bank, Apple Store, Louis Vuitton store, Starbucks and burned a police vehicle. Even a Louis Vuitton store was looted by the protesters. ​The rioters broke into the Multnomah County Justice Centre, which is home to the police headquarters and the county jail, and set a small fire before being chased off by cops.Video footage from Portland shows the downtown area where protesters set fires, smashed windows, and sprayed anarchist symbols on buildings.

A Louis Vuitton store was looted.
Minneapolis Police station was set on fire.

In one of the most chaotic protests Atlanta has seen in years, demonstrators smashed windows of police cars outside CNN Center, which houses Precinct 5 of the Atlanta Police Department. At least one squad car was set on fire. Police in riot gear helped other force protesters back to Centennial Olympic Park.  Around midnight, the state’s Department of Public Safety tweeted that 350 troopers are near the 5th precinct in Minneapolis to clear the area and enforce curfew. In Washington, DC, a protest outside the White House briefly caused the building to be placed on lockdown.  In New York, protesters and police clashed in various incidents Friday night outside the Barclays Center with protestors throwing water bottles, what appeared to be a bottle of paint and more at police officers. At least 12 people were arrested, police said.  Detroit Police have arrested nine people, one of whom tried to run over an officer with a car.  Protests also took place in at least 25 other cities, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Military troops under National Guard were allowed to enter Minneapolis to bring the situation under control and President Trump labelled the protesters as ‘thugs’ while in Hong Kong, protesters who fought for ‘freedom’ are called heroes because they dare to stand up against the authoritarian communist regime. Political analysts condemned the US government for practising double-standard via a sham democratic front. Instead of holding a public dialogue session with the protesters, the US government deployed soldiers to suppress the situation. Tear gas round, batons and weapons were used against protesters. A CNN reporter was also arrested on the 28th May without a valid reason.

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State said recently that he will stand with Hongkongers if the national security law in Hong Kong is passed. Judging from the situation on his home turf, he should in fact, show his support for Minneapolis residents and say that he will stand with them.

Instead of interfering with Hong Kong affairs, US government should perhaps start looking at safeguarding human rights and freedom in their own country.