Hong Kong prepares for visitor surge during Golden Week


23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive John Lee announced that Hong Kong is gearing up for a significant influx of tourists during next month’s Golden Week. Authorities anticipate nearly six million people will pass through the city’s borders via airport, rail, and land crossings during the early days of May.

Lee detailed the comprehensive measures in place to manage the expected crowds, emphasizing coordination with transportation providers to facilitate smooth travel and service. “We are fully prepared to enhance our transportation services to ensure a seamless experience for all visitors,” he stated.

To address the potential congestion in popular tourist spots and dining establishments, the government plans to deploy additional officers. Their role will be to oversee the management of tourist groups, helping to distribute the crowds evenly across various districts and stagger meal times to avoid overcrowding.

“The upcoming Golden Week is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase Hong Kong’s dynamism,” Lee remarked. He expressed his desire for visitors to enjoy their time in the city, not just in terms of shopping and dining but across all service sectors.