Hong Kong police to consult Justice Department on prosecution of alleged 13 Uber drivers


20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong police are deliberating on the potential prosecution of 13 individuals, alleged to be Uber drivers, who were reported in a series of clandestine operations conducted by local taxi drivers this month. The police are set to seek guidance from the Department of Justice to ascertain the feasibility of legal action against these suspects, according to an insider familiar with the ongoing investigations.

The cases, spurred by undercover operations by taxi union members, involve allegations of operating hire car services without the requisite permits. During these operations, taxi drivers masqueraded as passengers, only to report the drivers upon reaching their destinations such as the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and other notable locations across the city.

A police source highlighted the novelty of the situation, stating, “It is a new approach and we are proceeding cautiously. The likelihood of successfully prosecuting these cases depends significantly on the strength of the evidence collected, which is currently under thorough evaluation.”

The insider further suggested a high probability of prosecution if the evidence stands up in court, but also issued a cautionary note regarding the methods used to gather this evidence. There are concerns about the safety of such decoy operations, as targeted drivers might react adversely, potentially escalating to violent confrontations.