Hong Kong police post a picture of a duct-taped tear gas canister on their Facebook but it’s not for sale for US$120,000


12th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong police posted a picture of a duct-taped tear gas canister on a black wall on their Facebook an hour ago. Police obviously tried to troll the Italian artist who sold a banana duct-taped to a gallery wall in Miami as part of the Art Basel festival recently. It was sold for US$120,000 and the artist has actually sold two editions.

There’s nothing especially fancy about the exorbitant fruit displayed at the Galerie Perrotin, which is titled “Comedian.” Maurizio Cattelan, an art world prankster perhaps best known for creating a US$6 million, 18-carat-gold toilet that he named “America,” grabbed the banana from a local Miami supermarket, Artnet reports. And it doesn’t symbolize anything in particular. “The banana is supposed to be a banana,” Cattelan said, although he told Artnet that the shape of the fruit, the angle it was taped to the wall and its placement in the booth were all “carefully considered.” He came up with the idea a year ago, when he was thinking of creating a sculpture shaped like a banana, according to a statement from Galerie Perrotin.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the duct-taped tear gas canister is definitely not for sale. The picture was posted with the following caption, ‘a Police officer, using force, including tear gas, is always the last resort. If rioters don’t use violence, Hong Kong will be safe and there’s no reason for us to use force.

Say NO to violence. Let’s leave the tear gas cartridge on the wall forever.’

The message seems to be targeted at rioters to stop violence in Hong Kong, perhaps Hong Kong police can try their luck by selling the duct-taped tear gas canister at the auction houses.

Hong Kong Police’s Facebook.