Hong Kong Police launch large-scale undercover enforcement operation to curb jaywalking starting today

Picture source: Hong Kong Police

11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an effort to address the growing concerns surrounding pedestrian safety, the Hong Kong Police Force has announced a city-wide operation commencing today, aimed at cracking down on jaywalking. Under this operation, officers will be deployed in plainclothes at various locations throughout the city to monitor and apprehend pedestrians who violate traffic regulations. Notably, warnings will not be issued prior to issuing fines, with offenders facing penalties of up to HKD 2,000.

The decision to launch this large-scale operation comes as a response to the alarming number of fatal traffic accidents involving pedestrians. According to police statistics, there were a total of 85 fatal traffic accidents in the first ten months of this year, with 56 of them resulting in pedestrian fatalities. Of those pedestrian fatalities, 35 were individuals aged 65 or above, accounting for a staggering 63% of the overall pedestrian death toll.

To raise awareness about pedestrian road safety, the police force had previously undertaken an educational and promotional campaign from 1st to 8th December. During this period, they focused on educating the public and distributing commemorative items featuring the road safety mascot, “Bear Sir,” to remind both drivers and pedestrians to prioritize road safety and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.