Hong Kong pet shop sells crocodiles and otters which are protected under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance


Pets are very common in Hong Kong but some people like to keep exotic animals as pets. Just be sure to be a responsible exotic pet owner: make sure your pets are legal where you live and also make sure pets are permitted by any rental or tenant agreements you’ve made.

Caiman crocodilus

Recently a local pet seller in Hong Kong advertised in a local Facebook page miniature size crocodiles known as Caiman crocodilus for sale. Lots of netizens have left comments. Each mini crocodile is sold for over HK$10,000.

Mini otter for sale

The seller even taught potential buyers to invest in a 1 meter to 2 meter long tank for the crocodile to move around. The seller even has a 5 month old baby otter for sale at over HK$20,000 each. Under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance, crocodiles and otters are protected wild animals. No one is allowed to import, export or breed these animals unless he/she has special permit. Anyone who is in possession of these animals illegally will be liable to HK$100,000 fine and 1 year imprisonment.