Hong Kong Palace Museum to delay opening to 9am tomorrow due to severe weather


2nd July 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Palace Museum was originally scheduled to open to the public today but the No. 8 southeast gale or storm signal is still in effect when the severe tropical storm Chaba hit Hong Kong. The management announced that the Hong Kong Palace Museum will be closed for the whole day today, the opening time will be postponed to 9am tomorrow and the closing time will be postponed to 9pm.

As for the visitors who have purchased tickets and originally booked to enter the venue at 10am and 11am today, they can use the original tickets to enter the venue at 9am tomorrow or during the original time slot. Visitors with tickets for the entry slot today or after 12pm today can enter at the original slot or after 4pm tomorrow. The validity period of unused tickets will be extended for 180 days from the day affected by the weather. Ticket holders can use the original tickets to enter the venue on any day within the validity period and at the same time slot as the original ticket. However, if the relevant person enters the venue on Wednesday (free admission day), the ticket price difference will not be refunded.