Hong Kong Observatory to issue Standby Signal No. 1 tomorrow night as Tropical Cyclone Koinu approaches


3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) According to the latest forecast track, Tropical Cyclone Koinu is expected to enter within 800 kilometres of Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon, 4th October. In anticipation of the approaching storm, the Hong Kong Observatory has announced that it will issue Standby Signal, No. 1 tomorrow night. Koinu is projected to move closer to the eastern coast of Guangdong and potentially make a westward progression along the coast and adjacent waters, gradually weakening under the influence of the northeast monsoon. The impact of Koinu on local weather conditions will depend on the speed of its weakening and its proximity to the Pearl River Estuary.

Should Koinu weaken at a slower pace and move closer to the Pearl River Estuary, the region can expect strong winds and squally showers on Friday, 6th October, and over the weekend. The public is advised to stay informed through the latest weather bulletins released by the Observatory.

Southern China is currently experiencing mainly fine and scorching weather due to an upper-level anticyclone. Weak winds prevail over the region.

As of noon today, Severe Typhoon Koinu was located approximately 520 kilometres east-southeast of Gaoxiong. The storm is forecasted to continue moving northwest at a speed of about 12 kilometres per hour towards the southern part of Taiwan, where it is expected to intensify further.

The upper-level anticyclone will continue to bring predominantly fine weather to southern China today and tomorrow. However, high temperatures may trigger showers and thunderstorms in the region. Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Koinu will advance towards the southern part of Taiwan, maintaining its intensification. Subsequently, it may enter the northeastern part of the South China Sea. The latter part of this week is likely to witness windier conditions and showers along the coast of Guangdong as Koinu progresses. Additionally, the anticipated arrival of the northeast monsoon in southern China during the latter part of this week adds further uncertainty to Koinu’s future movement and intensity. It is possible that the storm will follow the coastal waters of Guangdong while gradually weakening.

As Tropical Cyclone Koinu draws nearer to Hong Kong and the surrounding region, it is crucial for residents to stay informed and heed the advice and updates provided by the Hong Kong Observatory. Precautionary measures should be taken to ensure personal safety and preparedness in the event of adverse weather conditions.