Hong Kong Observatory issues apology for false earth tremor alert


21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has issued a formal apology at 2.15pm today for the inadvertent release of a false earth tremor notification earlier today. At approximately noon, users of the HKO’s English language services, including their website, mobile application, and various social media platforms, received an erroneous alert suggesting a local earth tremor.

The Observatory confirmed that the message was a result of a system configuration mistake during routine testing procedures. The false tremor report, which may have caused undue concern among the public, was swiftly withdrawn once the error was identified.

The incident led to an immediate response from the HKO. In their statement, the Observatory expressed regret for any inconvenience experienced by the community and assured that a thorough review of the system configurations and testing protocols would be undertaken. The goal is to ensure such an error is not repeated, safeguarding the trust and reliance placed in the HKO’s alert systems.