Hong Kong Observatory issues Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal at 7.50am


27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory has issued a special announcement at 7.50am, stating that the Rainstorm Warning Signal has been raised to Amber. This signifies that heavy rainfall has already occurred or is expected to occur across Hong Kong, with the potential to exceed 30 millimetres per hour and continue for some time.

The authorities have cautioned that certain low-lying and poorly drained areas may experience flooding. Individuals residing in these areas are advised to take necessary precautions to minimize their exposure to the risks associated with heavy rain and flooding.

Given the possibility of flash floods, it is essential for people to avoid watercourses and exercise caution near such areas. Those who are likely to be affected by flooding should implement preventive measures to mitigate potential losses. Additionally, the Thunderstorm Warning, which was issued at 7am today, will remain in effect until 9am today.

The current weather conditions are attributed to an active southerly airstream, resulting in showers and thunderstorms around the Pearl River Estuary. Furthermore, a trough of low pressure is impacting southern China.

As of 8 a.m., Typhoon Ewiniar was positioned approximately 230 kilometres northeast of Manila. It is projected to move northeast at a speed of approximately 18 kilometres per hour, traversing the seas east of Luzon.

Today’s weather forecast indicates mainly cloudy skies with showers and squally thunderstorms. Showers are expected to be heavy at times, with a maximum temperature of around 29 degrees Celsius. Moderate south to southwesterly winds will prevail, occasionally becoming fresh.

Looking ahead, showers and thunderstorms are anticipated in the coming days, with heavier showers expected tomorrow. Eastward winds are anticipated to strengthen on Wednesday. An active southerly airstream will influence the coast of Guangdong today, while a trough of low pressure will bring showers and squally thunderstorms to Guangdong today and tomorrow. Midweek, a strong easterly airstream is anticipated to reach the coast of Guangdong, causing the trough of low pressure to shift southwards slightly. This shift will result in unsettled weather along the southern coast of China and the northern part of the South China Sea during the middle and latter parts of the week. Additionally, Tropical Cyclone Ewiniar is forecasted to move across the seas east of Luzon today and tomorrow before heading towards the western North Pacific, south of Japan.

In light of the rainstorm warning, the Labour Department (LD) has reminded employers and contractors to implement appropriate work arrangements and safety measures when carrying out electrical work or handling electrical plant. The LD emphasizes the importance of referring to the “Code of Practice in Times of Adverse Weather and ‘Extreme Conditions'” and the “Guide on Safety at Work in Times of Inclement Weather” issued by the department to ensure the safety of employees.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory