Hong Kong mother returns home after living in U.K. for nearly 3 years, expressing mixed emotions


6th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong mother, known has recently returned to Hong Kong after nearly three years abroad. She documented her journey back to the city in a video on her personal YouTube channel, “glorykasumi,” titled “Finally Hating It Enough to Return to Hong Kong.” In the emotional video, she shared her struggles and feelings of not fitting in while living overseas.

The video, released two weeks ago, captured the Hong Kong mother’s departure from the U.K., bidding farewell to her husband and daughter. As her husband saw her off at the airport, he jokingly reminded her to see a doctor upon returning to Hong Kong. The couple shared a touching embrace and a deep kiss before parting.

Throughout the video, the Hong Kong mother expressed conflicting emotions as she drove to the airport, entered the tunnel to Heathrow Airport, and prepared to leave the U.K. She described feeling torn between not wanting to leave the U.K. and eagerly anticipating her return to Hong Kong.

The mother, exhausted from lack of sleep and battling a cold, encountered various mishaps during her layover in New Delhi, India. She shared her frustrations, including breaking her phone charger and losing a wireless earphone, while waiting for her connecting flight to Hong Kong.

After a long journey, the Hong Kong mother arrived in Hong Kong, overcome with tears of joy as she saw the city’s mountains from the airplane window. She recorded her emotions, saying, “I started crying when I saw the mountains of Hong Kong!”