Hong Kong mother fearful as stalking incidents continue


27th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A distressed mother has repeatedly reported being stalked near her child’s school in Hong Kong over the past few months. Despite multiple police complaints, she claimed that her alleged stalker remains at large, leaving the woman frightened for her family’s safety.

The unsettling saga began in early September when the woman first noticed a suspicious man near a Yat Tung Shopping Centre. As she left with her young son, the stranger approached and smiled in a way she found unsettling. Though they went separate ways, the man soon reappeared and began following at a distance.

Alarmed, the mother took refuge in a restaurant and called the police. But the stalker disappeared before officers arrived. With no crime committed, they could only file a report.

A month later in late October, the same man allegedly reemerged outside her son’s primary school. He winked at the woman before tailing her and the boy. She quickly phoned the police again. At the sound of her call, the man vanished. Responding officers again found no trace of him.

Barely a week passed before the mother spotted the stalker loitering directly in front of the school. As she rushed her son back inside, the man lingered ominously. School staff confirmed his presence when police were called. But he slipped away before they arrived, foiling authorities for a third time.

The following week brought a fourth encounter. After noticing the woman approaching, the stalker waited at a nearby bus terminal in full view. Though school personnel verified his presence, he once more evaded responding officers.

Alarmed by this persistent harassment, the mother remains a virtual prisoner in her own home. With her stalker still at large, she fears even taking her children to school. According to her, police officers insist they cannot act without evidence of a crime despite her numerous complaints.

The stalker was captured by the school social worker on 14th November.