Hong Kong man’s ramen shop in Tokyo visit sparks debate over phone photography


27th November 2023 – (Tokyo) A Hong Kong man’s recent visit to a renowned ramen shop in Tokyo has stirred up a heated discussion online after he was prevented from taking photos with his smartphone due to a misstep, leading many netizens to support the actions of the staff and criticize the man’s behaviour as disrespectful.

A member of the “Hong Kong/Japan Ramen Enthusiasts Group” on Facebook shared a post recounting the incident that took place on November 18 at the popular Tokyo ramen establishment called “Irukatoukyou”. According to the post, the Hong Kong man arrived at the shop and was fourth in line to enter at around 11am.

The original poster stated that they were ahead of the Hong Kong man in the queue and noticed that he began taking out his smartphone to take photos, which eventually led to the staff personally approaching him and requesting that he refrain from doing so.

So, what exactly did the Hong Kong man do wrong? It turns out that his actions violated a common etiquette observed in Japanese ramen shops. The original poster provided a detailed account of the incident, which can be seen in the accompanying photo series.