Hong Kong man witnesses woman eating leftover fries at McDonald’s

File photo.

22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong man recently shared his encounter with a middle-aged woman who was eating leftover fries at a McDonald’s restaurant. The incident took place in the Mei Foo group on Facebook, where the man expressed his unease about the woman’s behaviour despite not minding giving her his fries.

According to the man’s account, he had ordered a meal at McDonald’s, which included fries. After consuming only a small portion, he remained seated, enjoying his coffee. It was during this time that he noticed a middle-aged woman sitting nearby, holding a cup of water. She had been sitting there for quite some time, seemingly waiting for him to leave.

Once the man departed, he observed the woman pulling the remaining fries from his tray and placing them in front of herself. When a restaurant staff member attempted to clear the tray, the woman claimed the fries as her own, leaving the man taken aback. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation and expressed his discomfort with the woman’s continuous presence beside him, seemingly watching for an opportunity. He even expressed concern that her actions might inconvenience other customers, stating, “This situation will gradually encourage more people to occupy seats that were originally meant for paying customers.”

The man’s post quickly sparked a discussion among netizens, with various responses highlighting different perspectives. Some individuals argued that one should feel pleased to help others, emphasizing the warmth that can be spread by offering assistance to strangers. Suggestions were given for the man to proactively help the woman, such as purchasing an extra portion of fries and inviting her to partake. Others acknowledged that the reluctance to consume leftover food stems from economic concerns, stating, “In a tough economy, nobody wants to eat leftovers; she must be going through a hard time.” It was also noted that such incidents of “eating leftovers” have existed for a long time, with one person questioning whether the man simply frequented McDonald’s and similar establishments less often.