Hong Kong man struggles with invitation to boat party by new acquaintance


27th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Boat parties are a popular pastime for many in Hong Kong especially during summer, but one  local man recently expressed concern after being invited to a boat party by a new acquaintance whom he had only known for a day. Although the man wanted to attend the party, he was also worried about potential dangers. Many netizens responded to his post, offering various reasons why he should not go.

The man posted on an online forum about his dilemma of whether or not to attend the boat party. He had been invited by a new friend whom he had only known for a day, and he was unsure whether he should go. Netizens speculated about the reasons behind his friend’s invitation, with some suggesting that the friend might be trying to get him to split the cost of the boat rental.

The man replied that the amount of money he needed to chip in was not significant, but he was still hesitant to attend the party. He also expressed concerns about potential dangers, such as being held hostage or being scammed. When he revealed that the invitation came from a group of girls, netizens raised further questions, wondering why someone would invite a new acquaintance to a boat party after only one day of knowing them.

Many netizens advised the man not to attend the party, with some jokingly suggesting that he might be forced to serve the boat’s owner or even become a victim of human trafficking. Most netizens believed that the man was likely being lured into a scam and urged him not to attend the boat party. Some even mocked him, suggesting that he was already tempted to go regardless of the dangers.

Thankfully, the man ultimately decided against attending the boat party after reading the responses from netizens. He expressed gratitude for their advice and thanked them for helping him make the right decision.